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It is not healthy for kids to go to any kind of therapy (unless it is absolutely a must) as their subconscious perceives this as “something is wrong with me” and makes them think they need to be “fixed”. As our main focus in emotional intelligence, we do not think kids need to be fixed, they need to be guided. Working with thousands of kids around the world, we are convinced this belief is very unhealthy for them to have and we want to make sure it will not reside in their brain.

Child coaching sessions must be completed in a very short time to prevent them from developing the “Something is wrong with me” attitude; therefore we limit the number of sessions and encourage you to take advantage of our 3+1 assessment. Having the tools to help your child will make it very effective and much cheaper.


Parents are the best coach for their own children. Therefore we will do all within our power to hand the coaching over to you. As the most important agent in your kids socializing and life development we think you are the best person to help your child. You are the person who will take care of your kid’s interests the most. Most of what you think, do or believe will be more meaningful to your kid than what any therapist will ever do. So we would rather give you the tools and help you do it because your impact of it will be much greater. On the session with parents we will discuss the implementation of the report recommendation and decide together whether the parents are able to implement it on their own or whether they would like the coach to start the second coaching cycle implementing the program. From 28 years of experience, we can reassure you that 92% of parents were able to implement the recommendations by themselves and did not need the second cycle.

Parenting is a learned skill. Unfortunately, we don’t learn it in a structured manner during our life nor we have the time and money to invest in a degree in parenting. Therefore we will take you though psychological, educational theories and parenting tools that have been researched and implemented all over the world by millions of parents and were found to be extremely successful.

The best parent coach leads by example. If you ask any parent in the world what they want for their kids, they will say, “to be happy, successful, and healthy”. Happiness, success and health care, no doubt, the most valuable gifts we can give our kids. Yet, since being a role model is our greatest tool to pass on our beliefs to our kids, it will be very hard to pass on happiness, success and health until we possess them ourselves. Therefore will help you connect between your style to your kids’ style and be congruent in your parenting style.


Happy parents raise happy kids. When parents are happy with themselves and clear about their beliefs and values, this will be reflected by their children, like little mirrors. Therefore we will equipped you with coaching mentality and simple but powerful parenting tools to balance life, work, family and your parenting task to reflect positively on your kids.

Small problems when not taken care of become big problems. As experts in special education we know that any learning difficulty or emotional struggle that is not addressed becomes a huge problem. Over time, they get out of proportion and make it hard to assess the origin of the problem. Therefore we encourage our clients to address the situation as soon as possible and avoid the medication or using therapists. It is harder to change the kids’ “something is wrong with me” mindset than to treat any learning or emotional difficulty he has.

Emotional intelligence is the most important ingredient in success
and people having a high EQ can succeed in whatever they do. We think IQ is overrated and can be changed with strong emotional strength. Therefore we assess the child’s emotional intelligence and his natural ways of dealing with stress, frustration and pressure and suggest practical and easy ways in the report on strengthening the child’s emotional intelligence.

All children can improve with the right guidance. Regardless of their age, ability or disability, their circumstances, their behavior, their social skills, their academic performance and their talents (or lack of it), we can increase their success and wellbeing. We have 28 years and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world who are a living proof of the Be Happy in LIFE method.


Family matters. WE think that any child’s difficulty reflects on the whole family and changes the very delicate and fine balance between a happy family and a very troubled family. Therefore we focus on families and supporting parents in their quest. Ronit Baras, the founder, the parenting and kids’ coach have dedicated years of writing advice for parents in her blog “family matters” with over 1500 articles for parents and educators.


All kids are unique and no one size fits all. Therefore we focus on an individual assessment and report that matches your child’s ability, age, needs and emotional intelligence. We do not use a computer generated report or one set of assessment tool but adjust the tools to the specific kids. ( even if it takes a very long time)

Labels are not healthy for children (nor it is healthy for adults) as they limit their options and are very disempowering. Working for 28 years with labeled kids and families brought us to the conclusion that there is more harm done to those families than good. Labeling is a very old fashion way of grouping behaviors to make it easy for the assessor but not for the one who needs help.


Games are the best assessment tools for kids.
Being stressed by testing most kids react badly to formal assessment where they need to perform. We have accumulated many informal testing tools in game formats that can give us lots of information on the child’s thinking abilities, emotional intelligence and academic abilities. When kids attend the session they spend the hour playing and their performance is much more accurate. All kids are so busy playing during the session they express disappointment when they need to go and are very eager to come to the following session.

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